Shoe rack for on top!

Extra Ablage für die Heckgarage eines Wohnmobils. Ein guter Stauraum für Staubsauger oder Sonnenschirme.

If you still have some space above your Mobilade, you can wonderfully store long and bulky objects here. So the vacuum cleaner or the umbrella is always quickly and easily accessible.

Also ideal for helmets , hats or rolled up thermal hoods !

Your folding table is also easily stowed away!

fastening material

You can easily attach your Mobilade to your mobile home yourself. We have the right mounting material on offer for this, which is precisely tailored to the requirements in mobile homes. You can find out how to do this in our assembly instructions .

Dieses Regalsystem ist für die Heckgarage in einem Wohnmobil gedacht.

Step by step with our instructions

Due to the prefabricated construction, installation with the help of our installation instructions is child's play for every hobbyist.

All instructions