Make yourself comfortable!

The Euro standard boxes make sorting and organizing easy. So you always have an overview and the rear garage is finally neat and tidy.

Ergonomisch - Praktisch - Leicht

Ein Schubladensystem von Mobilade bringt Ordnung in die Heckgarage eines Kastenwagens. Mit den Kunststoffkisten wird das Wohnmobil ordentlich eingeräumt.

Drawers are just better!

Drawers help us to keep things tidy at home. Whether in the kitchen, on the bedside table or under the workbench in the garage. Pull-outs are the best way to get to everything quickly and conveniently. That's why you should also install some in the large storage spaces in your camper. After all, you can't just put everything on the floor! You can easily order in our online shop.

product overview
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Ideal for the double floor

How else are you supposed to get access? This is usually only possible with bending over, climbing in or having very long arms. With drawers it is definitely very easy!

Drawers for the double floor

Use the height of your rear garage!

Take a look at the ceiling of your rear garage. There's still some room left! The DUO and TRIO Mobilades make optimal use of this space.

Drawers for the rear garage
  • Better organised

    Thanks to the boxes, every item finds its home and stays there.

  • Faster finding

    You immediately have an overview of the entire contents of the drawer.

  • Extremely light

    We save weight where we can. Every component of our drawers is optimized so that you don't carry any unnecessary weight with you.

  • Made in Lübeck

    We build everything in Lübeck. This way we have the quality under control and can offer the best service.

Compact, light and stable

The unique construction makes the Mobilades ideal for use in campers.

Verschiedene Regalsysteme für Wohnmobile mit ausziehbaren Schubladen.

The right system for every space

We have the right model for every storage space. Whether in the double floor, in the rear garage or in the van. See for yourself!

products overview

Installation is very easy!

We have put together videos and complete do-it-yourself instructions for you. That is very easy! We also have suitable fastening material in our shop. And if you have any questions during installation, just give us a call and we will help you together! Even in the evenings and on weekends! 0176 / 5349 0176

assembly instructions

Our most popular models

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Made in Lübeck

All Mobilades are made with great care by hand in Lübeck. This enables us to always supply our customers with reliable and innovative products.

By producing in our own workshop, we ensure short delivery times and direct contact with our customers. Feel free to call! We welcome all questions.

0049 0176 / 5349 0176

  • In diesem Reisemobil sorgt eine DUO 120 dafür, dass die Heckgarage bestmöglich eingerichtet ist.


    We are really extremely satisfied and totally happy with the DUO 90, it's such a brilliant idea, super implemented, just great, fits in our rear garage like a glove.

    DUO 90 
  • Uwe

    Your great Mobilade is very well thought out and thanks to the flexible brackets, it is no problem to master even demanding instalation jobs.

    MONO 90 
  • Svenja

    There were a few challenges with our Pössl Roadcamp R with a length of only 5.4m, but everything worked out and we are happy 😊

    DUO 90 
  • Eine TRIO 120 Schubladensystem aus Aluminium in der Heckgarage eines Carthago Tourer.


    Everyone who has a suitable garage should uses this system. Very easy installation, very practical and good quality.

    TRIO 120 
  • Bei Mobilade sind alle Schubladensyteme immer auf Lager. Für jedes Womo haben wir ein passendes Regalsystem.

    We're here to help!

    Feel free to call us on 0049 0176 / 5349 0176 or send us an email to

    By the way: Also on weekends and public holidays! We are available 24/7. After all, most customers take care of their hobby at the weekend. If we don't answer, we'll call you right back!

  • Bei uns werden Sie persönlich beraten. Wir bauen Ihr Schubladensystem zwar nicht ein, aber dafür verschicken wir es. So kann das jeder selber einbauen.

    Philip Musche

    I will take care of your questions and would be happy to advise you. It is most important to us that the customers ultimately have a practical solution and are satisfied with it.

    Feel free to call! 0176 / 5349 0176

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