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DUO 90

DUO 90

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For shorter rear garages:

With our Mobilade DUO 90 you bring order to your rear garage. This more compact variant is ideally suited for shorter storage spaces. For example, with panel vans under 6m long or with smaller mobile homes.

Which boxes fit in there?

A large Euro standard box always fits in the back and half a box in the front. So you can stow things individually. The basic dimensions are 30x40cm and 40x60cm. The height of the boxes is 22cm and you can get them in any hardware store for €5-7. We don't have them in our program because shipping would cost more than the boxes themselves.

Which mobilade is best for me?

Every Jeck is different! Most customers choose the largest model that fits in their storage space. But sometimes customers want to keep the rear garage free for bulky items such as folding boats or a dog box. A 90s Mobilade can still offer enough space to sort small items without taking up too much floor space. They are all practical!

Delivery within 1-4 working days
(applies to deliveries within Germany, delivery times for other countries please refer to the button with the shipping information )

weight capacity

Our drawers are always designed for 46kg: 26kg in the back box and 20kg in the front. So 46kg per level.

This is completely sufficient for everyday camper use. We have designed the Mobilade to be as light as possible, but still sufficiently stiff.

To get a better idea of ​​the load, you can think of it as roughly the weight of two packed suitcases on an airplane.

The vast majority of packed boxes weigh just 12kg. The Maxi Mobilades are wider and therefore designed for 60kg: 30kg in the rear box, 20kg in the middle and 10kg at the very front.

Data / dimensions in comparison

DUO 90
93cm / 46cm / 67cm // only 11 kg

DUO 90 Plus
93cm / 46cm / 78cm // only 12kg

DUO 120
123 cm / 46 cm / 67 cm // only 13 kg

DUO 120 Plus
123cm / 46cm / 78cm // only 12kg

DUO 120 Maxi
122cm / 68cm / 60cm // only 18kg

Shipping &Packaging Details

We pre-assemble all products as much as possible. To make things as easy as possible for you at home. However, they still have to fit in the box. The final assembly takes about 15 minutes and the right tools are included!

We don't sell the boxes. Because they are available in every hardware store for around €8 a piece. The shipping would cost more than the goods.

Quality from Lübeck

Our products are made by hand in the beautiful Hanseatic city. In this way, every production step can be viewed and determined by us and we achieve the quality that we want

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Automatische Verriegelung

Die Schubladen rasten automatisch ein wenn man sie zuschiebt. So müssen Sie vor der Fahrt nicht mehr daran denken. Die Entriegelung geht sehr leicht, denn im Alltag öffnet man die Schubladen mehrmals am Tag.

Inklusive Höhenverstellung

Jede Mobilade wird mit einer Höhenverstellung geliefert. So kann man Ladekanten einfach überwinden und hat gleich alles dabei. Die Höhenverstellungsprofile werden einfach unten dran geschraubt und dadurch wird der Auszug etwas höher gesetzt.

How does the installation of the Mobilade work?

Anyone can install a Mobilade themselves in just a few minutes. We have practical DIY instructions for this and if you have any questions, just give us a call!

installation instructions

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  • Bei Mobilade sind alle Schubladensyteme immer auf Lager. Für jedes Womo haben wir ein passendes Regalsystem.

    You need help? We are here for you!

    Feel free to call! We are available for you around the clock. Even in the evenings or at the weekend.

    0049 0176 / 5349 0176

    We also usually reply to emails within a few minutes.

  • Bei uns werden Sie persönlich beraten. Wir bauen Ihr Schubladensystem zwar nicht ein, aber dafür verschicken wir es. So kann das jeder selber einbauen.

    Philip Musche

    The idea of ​​the Mobilade came about because my father had trouble climbing into his flat rear garage. Many camper owners have this problem and drawers are the best solution. That's why I'm happy about every customer contact. I can always learn something new and of course I'm happy to help!

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