Ein Concorde Wohnmobil unter grünen Bäumen auf einer Straße.

With these 6 simple tips you can create order in your mobile home in the long term!

With these tricks you finally don't have to rummage around in your motorhome anymore.

1. Every item needs its home

This wisdom applies not only in the mobile home, but also everywhere in everyday life. The principle forms the basis for creating sustainable order. Our credit cards go in the credit card slots in the wallet. The change goes in the change compartment. And the wallet itself? It needs a fixed place of storage. Then you never have to look for it again. I even printed a holder for my wallet. Crazy or practical? Feel free to write it down in the comments below : ) The holder hangs inside the wardrobe and as soon as I enter the motorhome it is put in there.

Especially things that we use very often should be immediately accessible. If they are somewhere else every time, you have to keep looking for them. This creates unnecessary stress. You definitely don't want that on vacation. You have so many accessories in the mobile home and they move back and forth while driving. The remote controls for the televisions, the adapters for the gas tank or the holder for the parking ticket. If they always have a fixed place, then you can simply pack them away again. Simply putting it where there is space is only a short-term solution.

2. Use boxes for sorting!

The storage space in the rear garage is huge. So that small items do not get lost there, it is best to pack them in boxes. Euronorm boxes are by far the best on the market. That's why we also use them in our Mobilades. They come in different sizes and can be found at any hardware store for €6 to €9. The advantage of the Euronorm boxes is that they are all compatible and stackable. You can always put two smaller spots on a big box and two half ones on the same one. In this way, you can also keep things tidy in winter storage.

Euronorm boxes Ensure order in your rear garage.

In addition, the boxes are made of flexible plastic that does not break. Quite the opposite of the plastic we still know from CD or cassette cases. These are always broken. This does not happen with Euronorm boxes. Especially small things like the Gardena adapter can be sorted wonderfully here. The barbecue utensils also come in their own box.

Euronorm boxes on a trolley

There are matching stands with wheels that you can use to easily move the crates back and forth. You can see our Christmas decorations here. Little things like that make life easier!

3. Less is more!

Packing to the brim only helps if you fill a dumpster. In the mobile home you should get used to the fact that not every storage space has to be full. This helps to keep track and you can get to everything quickly. Just because there is still space in the cutlery drawer, you wouldn't think of stacking a few tea bags on top. It is much more important to be able to get to the cutlery easily and with one hand. In the rear garage, too, you should only load so much that you can still easily access everything from the outside.

An excerpt in a camper van with Euronorm crates.

4. Save the crate of beer!

Beer is easier to buy than diesel. You don't have to block the rear garage with a box. Heavy, unwieldy and always in the way. I'd rather leave it at home and buy a few new ones every day when I'm on holiday. Abroad, these are usually not returnable bottles either! Incidentally, there are over 5,000 different breweries in Europe. If I want to explore the country and its people, I also like to drink the local beer. For beer lovers I have this website tip! https://www.bierbewertung.de/bier-rankings/top10-biertabelle/

Beer is everywhere! You don't have to carry that with you in the motorhome.
5. Use the doors!

You only wear the jackets outside, so you can store them outside. They hang particularly well in the door of the rear garage. Whether in a van or in a mobile home. You can attach wonderful hooks to attach 2-3 jackets. When you open the door, the jackets are automatically out of the way. You can also attach wonderfully small luggage nets here.

Organizers can be attached to the doors of the rear garage.
Fastening with felt:

Easily assemble with wood screws or self-tapping sheet metal screws. Make sure the screws aren't longer than the wall is thick!

Fastening in the van and on smooth surfaces:

Rivet and screw to the panel. There are also self-adhesive hooks with tape from 3M. They hold up great! They are also very useful in the shower. Because even a towel needs its own place.

A self-adhesive hook on the door of a panel van.

6. Pipes for long objects

Long objects such as the awning pole, vacuum cleaner tubes or the thermal mat are difficult to stow away. There simply isn't enough storage space for it! But there is a solution for that. I recommend putting them in a conventional KG pipe from the hardware store. You can screw it wonderfully under the ceiling in the rear garage and thus gain new storage space. You can also lay them on the floor and put a second level on top.
A tube as a storage solution in an Atego-based Concorde Centurion. Rear garage Concorde Fiat 500
The waste water hose can also be stowed away in DN75 HT pipes under the rear garage. So they can be reached with a handle and no waste water gets into the interior. Matching pipe clamps and end caps are also available at hardware stores. I would also buy a knob for the end caps so that they can be easily removed. It is best to tie the caps to the pipe at the same time. That way they don't get lost. With the pipe bends, just as with building a house, you should make sure to avoid 90° angles and use two 45° angles instead.

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