This video shows you everything you need to know to install a Mobilade in your rear garage.

Einfacher als man denkt!

Das ist ein sehr typischer Einbau in einem Phönix Reisemobil.

Die TRIO 120 Mobilade wurde mit dem Wandmontagekit an der Wand abgestützt und am Boden mit dem Bodenmontage Kit festgeschraubt.

Das schafft jeder Heimwerker selber. Bei Fragen helfen wir gerne weiter!

TRIO 120

Can I do it myself?

Yes! If you can screw a TV to the wall in your apartment, you can also do it with a Mobilade in your mobile home. The only difference is the materials. A house wall consists of concrete, brick or plasterboard. In the mobile home you will find furniture panels and sandwich walls. Of course you can't use normal dowels, but our matching accessories can easily fix your Mobilade to your camper.

With our floor mounting kit you can screw your Mobilade into the sandwich floor of your camper. In addition, you should also support them with the wall mounting kit in the direction of travel.

All you have to do is drill a few holes. Any DIYer can do it, and if you have any questions, you can call us 24/7! 0049 0176 5349 0176

So montiert man ein Aluminium Regal in der Heckgarage eines Wohnmobils.

For low ceiling rear garages:

The rear garage of this Concorde is a little flatter. That's why the customer chose a DUO 120. A board could be mounted on top of this. This gives you some storage space for long and bulky items. For example a broom or the thermal hood for the windscreen.

Model DUO 120

More questions about the rear garage

What is the floor of my rear garage made of?

Sandwhich flooring! We're pretty sure about that. We haven't seen a rear garage made out of anything else. It doesn't matter whether it's a small Fiat or a large liner. These were always two thin layers of fibreglas with 4-5cm of foam in between.

Can I also brace a TRIO to the ceiling?

We cannot recommend this, because the ceilings of the mobile homes are often very thin and not designed for large forces. Anyone who has to stand on the bus knows how difficult it is to just hold on to the hand straps at the ceiling. You lurch back and forth at every turn.

That's why we always recommend supporting the Mobilade in the direction of travel and screwing them tight. Once the first hole is drilled, the others are easy! After all, all other built-in parts in the mobile home are also screwed on.

What about the leak test?

As long as the 4 holes in the floor are sealed again, that's no problem. As long as silicone squeezes out at all edges, nobody can complain.

In addition, water ingress under the vehicle is very rare. If there are problems, it's usually on the roof and windows. Because the sun is beating down there and so is the rain. Only spray water comes under the vehicle and it drips off automatically. There are puddles on the roof, but not underneath.

Can I also use the mounting rails?

This is done by screwing the Mobilade to the mounting rail with steel brackets from the hardware store.

If your lashing strips are installed at a 45° angle, it is best to take a flat connector and bend it to the right angle. Our Mobilades have plenty of mounting holes that can be used.

If you have mounting strips on the rear wall of your rear garage, i.e. above the number plate, you can also work with lashing straps from there, which tension the upper part of the Mobilade in the direction of travel.

Will my dealer install it too?

If he has time, of course! Installing a TRIO takes about 30 minutes, but a dealer will probably charge 2 hours. Otherwise the order would be too small.

But this is also an easy job for your local carpenter or maintenance guy. They usually enjoy doing this work, simply because it's something different.

Can I add a shelf on top?

That's a good idea! The Mobilades are very stable, so you can still mount a practical shelf on top. The Mobilade has a flat contact surface and matching mounting holes. Such a shelf is very suitable for bulky objects that would otherwise block the floor of the rear garage. For example: grills, outdoor carpets, or thermal hoods for the driver's cab.

You can get a suitable board in every hardware store. They also cut it to size. As material we recommend a 9mm screen printing plate. Better a little thinner to save weight, but screw two 20mm thick wooden strips underneath for reinforcement. Then she won't sag.

Alternatively, of course, there is also our shoe rack. You can find them in the accessories.