How to attach a Mobilade to your double floor

You can easily attach a Mobilade to your double floor yourself. We'll show you how.

  • Man kann eine Schulade im Zwischenboden auch hervorragend ohne Bohren befestigen. Mit Klebeband von 3M.

    Glued with 3M VHB tape

    The MONO models are wonderfully easy to glue on. Due to the large contact surface of the feet, it holds up very well. We recommend 3M VHB tape for this. This is a quality product with very strong holding power.

    When applying, you should make sure that the surface is well cleaned, dry and that it is not too cold. 20°C is best! The VHB tape sticks even more after 48 hours!

  • Das Bodenmontagekit ist komplett aus Edelstahl gefertigt und wird benutzt um Zubehör im Sandwhich-Boden zu befestigen.

    Bolt down with the Floor Mount Kit

    With our stainless steel floor mounting kit, you can screw our Mobilades to the floor.

    The specially made washer with a diameter of 90mm ensures that the load is distributed over a large area. This is particularly important with sandwich floors such as those found in the intermediate floor or in the rear garage.

  • Montagekleber eignet sich bestens um eine Schublade in ihrem Doppelboden zu befestigen.

    Glue with construction adhesive

    You can also use rubberised lconstruction adhesive. It holds extremely well, but doesn't come off without leaving a residue. This method is very suitable for aluminium diamond plate. Because it can be used to even out uneven floors very well. We can recommend the Soudal Fix All Extreme brand and Sikaflex 554. Both form a soft and flexible rubber that sticks extremely well.

So klebt man einen Auszug am besten im Doppelboden eines Wohnmobils fest.

Tips for mounting with VHB tape

The VHB tape sticks immediately on contact.
To easily align the Mobilade, we recommend placing a pencil under each corner. This allows you to align the Mobilade perfectly and then gradually remove the pencils.

3M demonstrates the holding power of VHB tape in this video.

Rise above the loading sill.

Height adjustment is included with all Mobilades. You can simply screw them on. As a result, the drawer is set a little higher and rises over the loading sill.

Most loading sills are 3-5cm high and our height adjustments go up to approx. 6cm. Higher sills than 6cm are very rare. There you can simply put an additional plywood board under the base.

Questions about fastening in the double floor

Will it hold?

Yes! As a matter of principle, we only recommend fastening methods that we are convinced of. That's why we advise against, for example, stretching the Mobilades to the ceiling.

We have only had positive experiences with the VHB tape. Incidentally, this is the same material that athletes use to attach their action cameras to their helmets. However, our Mobilades offer much more contact surface. So the bond is much better.

In this video 3M presents a scooter held together by VHB tape.

If you don't want to rely on the adhesive tape, you can of course still screw it on. This is also a very good mounting option and very easy with the floor mounting kit. There is no reason to be afraid to drill holes into your camper. The manufacturer has already crated hundreds of holes.

Do cables run underneath the double floor?

We've never found any in there. Manufacturers usually lay cables under the vehicle or along the ceilings and walls. So always visible.

Laminating wires into the sandwich would be cumbersome and would make it impossible to get at it again. Of course, the manufacturers don't want that either.

You should make sure that everything is clear under the drill hole, i.e. on the underside of the vehicle. In rare cases, a water tank hangs there. Just look underneath! You should be able to easily see anything underneath the floor.

If you are unsure, it is best to ask your dealer. Even better: ask a fitter who works on your vehicle type all day anyway. They know the vehicles best.

Is the height adjustment always included?

Yes! This is supplied with every Mobilade.

Do the drawers come fully assembled?

Most do! The MONO 90 and MONO 120 come to your home completely finished. You just have to put them in.

Unfortunately, the MONO 120 Maxi would not fit into any cardboard box when fully assembled. That is why we have pre-assembled everything we can and designed the rest so that it is very easy for you at home. This takes about 15 minutes.

A colored assembly instruction is included as well as assembly tools. You can also watch our video instructions on YouTube. Everything is explained in detail there. By the way, even our screwdrivers are Made-In-Germany!