Einfache Beladung von außen!

Für alle Heckgaragen Geeignet

Super Komfortabel

Unsere extra langen Schubladen ragen weit aus dem Fahrzeug heraus. So brauchen Sie endlich nicht mehr in Ihre Heckgarage klettern. Mit einer Mobilade kommen Sie einfach und bequem von Außen an alles heran.

Macht Stauraum Nutzbar

Unsere Mobiladen sind schmal und wachsen dafür in die Höhe. Das ist Ideal, denn unter der Decke ist immer noch Platz!

Extra Lang und trotzdem Leicht

Trotz des großen Stauraums sind unsere Schublden wahre Leichtgewichte. Denn wir wissen wie wichtig das für Wohnmobilsten ist.

Einfach selber Montieren

Das schafft jeder selber zuhause! Unsere Anleitungen zeigen wie das geht.

Die Aufbewahrung in einem Aluminium Regalsystem in einer Heckgarage nutzt den Stauraum optimal aus.

Goodbye chaos!

The rear garage offers plenty of space for everything you need to have with you: from the garden hose to toilet paper. But just like in the garage at home, you lose track without the right furniture. You can't just pile everything on the floor! Everything just falls over and creates chaos. Boxes are better for sorting, but you have to laboriously stack them back and forth! We have the perfect solution for that!

With the DUO and TRIO Mobilade each piece of luggage has its own place. You can find what you are looking for quickly and easily with just one hand! Very easy thanks to our long and light extensions.

Which model suits you best?

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Models for your rear garage

Taller boxes with the Plus models

The Plus models have space for 32 cm high boxes in the bottom drawer. This is practical for storing bulky items such as a cable reel or a grill. Bottles also fit upright here, but it's best to lay them down.

The other drawers have 22 cm high boxes as usual. They are ideal for sorting things. You know it from the kitchen at home: the small drawers are used most often and the saucepans are placed in the large drawers.

TRIO 120 Plus
alu regal für wohnmobil heckgarage garage inkl. boxen system

Save your back!

The rear garages are simply too small to stand upright. Also, the ground is too hard to crawl on all fours. That is why we have developed our particularly long drawers . So you can get to everything very comfortably and back-friendly. After all, you are on vacation!

The Euro standard boxes make it very easy to sort your items. All boxes are removable, so you can take your bbq utensils with you to the table, for example.

Model TRIO 120 model

Shoe rack for on top!

Extra Ablage für die Heckgarage eines Wohnmobils. Ein guter Stauraum für Staubsauger oder Sonnenschirme.

If you still have some space above your Mobilade, you can store wonderfully long and bulky objects here. So the vacuum cleaner or the umbrella is always quickly and easily accessible.

Also ideal for helmets , hats or rolled up thermal hoods !

Your folding table is also easily stowed away!

It's so easy to attach a Mobilade to your rear garage

We have designed everything so that anyone can install their Mobilade themselves. We can provide you with the right assembly material and helpful video instructions. Every do-it-yourselfer can do it himself! And if you have any questions, we are always available.

Assembly instructions rear garage
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And what about your double floor?

We have long and light drawers for that too! With a MONO Mobilade you can also conveniently use the storage space under your living room. Discover now!

Drawers for your doubl floor