Dieser Doppelboden hat einen langen Auszug bekommen. Die Aluminium Schublade ist ein praktisches Zubehör.

Our solution for the double floor

Who doesn't know this: The intermediate floor offers a lot of storage space, but how are you supposed to get to it?

No more mess! We bring order to the narrow double floor! With our MONO drawers. These are particularly long, but still lightweight drawers that make the space really usable.

Which MONO fits in your camper?

Drawers for the double floor

Bequem den Doppelboden beladen? Das geht mit Euro Kisten und unseren langen Auszügen.

Finally comfortably loaded!

The drawers protrude far out of the vehicle. So you can access everything and have an overview right away.

Drawers - pharmacists swear by them! 😀

MONO 120
Ein Auszug für die Stauklappen beim Concorde Charisma Wohnmobil

For wider storage spaces

With the MONO 120 Maxi, the boxes are placed perpendicular and thus offer 50% more storage space. Ideal for large RVs and liners. Bring BBQ utensils to the table.

For the MONO 120 Maxi model

Including height adjustment for loading sills

Each Mobilade comes with a height adjuster. This allows you to raise the drawr up a little bit and get over loading edges of up to 58mm. This makes installation very easy!

Unsere Auszüge können Sie in jedem Wohnmobil einfach nachrüsten. Unsere Anleitung zeigt Ihnen wie das geht.

Step by step with our instructions

Thanks to the well thought-out design, installation is child's play. With the MONO mobilades, gluing is often enough! Here we'll show you how it's done:

MONO assembly instructions

And what about your rear garage?

We have long and light drawers for that too! With a TRIO Mobilade you can also conveniently use the storage space in your rear garage. Discover now!

Drawers for your rear garage