Our clever construction is unique!

The mobilades consist of lightweigth profiles that are laser-cut and bend. Due to this unique construction, our drawers are extremely light and compact, but still very rigid. We try to use only as much material as necessary for each component. Almost all profiles fulfill several tasks.

For you, this means that you can make optimal use of the available space and don't carry any unnecessary weight with you.

  • Better organised!

    With the practical Euronorm boxes, things are perfectly sorted and neatly stored. And with the help of our Mobilade you can stow these boxes even faster, easier and clearer in your mobile home!

  • Fast finding

    You can get to what you're looking for in a flash without having to unpack the whole garage. Simply pull out the drawers and you will immediately see all of their contents.

  • Comfort through drawers

    No more bending over or climbing into the camper: With the Mobilade you get comfortably access to your items. And thanks to the smooth-running design, it is very easy to use them.

  • Delivery pre-assembled

    The drawers are delivered pre-assembled as much as possible. You can combine them into a DUO or TRIO in minutes. We show you the simple installation here .

  • lightweight

    Our drawer systems are designed for lightweight construction. The MONO weighs just 4.9kg and the DUO 90 only 11kg. That's how much a pair of conventional drawer slides would weigh alone. Our sophisticated aluminum construction makes it possible.

  • Made in Lübeck

    All Mobilades are made by hand in Lübeck close to Hamburg. We attach great importance to customer satisfaction and would be happy to advise you on the different systems and which of them best suits you and your requirements and needs.

With our Mobilade , storage space can be used much more easily and better . With the drawers, you can access your luggage better and no longer have to climb into your vehicle. The boxes are therefore quicker to hand , cleared out and stowed away again.

Verschiedene Regalsysteme für Wohnmobile mit ausziehbaren Schubladen.

The right system for every storage space

We have a suitable model for every storage space. Whether for the dobule floor, for the rear garage or in the van. See for yourself!

Model overview

Automatische Verriegelung

Die Schubladen rasten automatisch ein wenn man sie zuschiebt. So müssen Sie vor der Fahrt nicht mehr daran denken. Die Entriegelung geht sehr leicht, denn im Alltag öffnet man die Schubladen mehrmals am Tag.

Inklusive Höhenverstellung

Jede Mobilade wird mit einer Höhenverstellung geliefert. So kann man Ladekanten einfach überwinden und hat gleich alles dabei. Die Höhenverstellungsprofile werden einfach unten dran geschraubt und dadurch wird der Auszug etwas höher gesetzt.

Suitable for all Euronorm boxes!

The Euronorm boxes come in many sizes and variations and they are all compatible with each other. You can stack them on top of each other, or replace a large box with two half ones.

You can buy them in every hardware store for 6-8€ and there you can choose exactly the boxes that suit you. Shipping would cost more than the boxes themselves, so we don't have them on sale.

Most of the Mobilades on this page contain 22cm high boxes. The Plus models contain a 32cm high box in the bottom drawer.

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