This is how you install a Mobilade in a van

Installation in the van is very easy and anyone can do it themselves.


Einschraubmuttern im Wohnmobil sind die beste Möglichkeit Zubehör zu befestigen. Natürlich nur in Sperrholz.

Super easy with screw nuts!

This is the simplest and most elegant solution. All vans have wooden floors made from lightweight plywood. You can work wonderfully with screw-in nuts. The video below shows exactly how to do this!

Screw-in nuts have a coarse thread on the outside that interlocks in the wood and a fine thread on the inside for metric screws. As a result, the Mobilade can be installed and removed very quickly and the screw-in nuts remain inside. For example, if you want to transport larger objects in your rear garage.

Tips for installation in a van

My panel van has a cable duct on the floor at the back. What now?

We come across this cable duct very often, but it's easy to work with! They are mostly made of sheet metal and 4 cm high. Depending on where it runs, you have two options for mounting the Mobilade:

1st option: Mount the rear foot of the Mobilade between the cable duct and the bulkhead to the living are. Of course, this is only possible if there is still a 4cm wide space left. That depends entirely on the individual vehicle. In this case, the mobilade stands like a bridge over the cable duct. Usually you have to put a 2cm high plywood board under the feet.

2nd option: Mount the rear foot on the cable duct. We recommend mounting it with 3M VHB tape. With a MONO, this is usually sufficient. A DUO should also be attached to the side wall with 2 brackets and screw nuts. Then she is safe. The front foot must of course also be set higher. A 2cm high plywood board is usually required here.

Do you also have to screw the Mobilade to the sides of the garage?

Not in the van. The many diagonal struts make the frame very stiff. So the attachment to the ground is sufficient. If you want to be on the safe side, you can of course also connect to the side walls. For example with a steel angle and more nut inserts. There are many mounting holes on the Mobilade that can be used for this.

How thick is my floor?

Mostly between 15-22mm. Underneath is some insulation and then much further down the cars floor made from sheet metal. The screw nuts are 15mm long. If you are worried that your floor is too soft, you can also use 6 screw-in nuts, but so far it has held up well with all customers. R

Is my rear garage long enough?

The DUO 120 is almost always suitable for vans with a length of 6m or more. The DUO 90 fits for shorter vans.

We always recommend measuring the length of the garage from the back wall to the aluminum strip on the edge. There is usually a gap of 3-4 cm between the aluminum edge and the door. You can take this room into account since the Mobilade can extend beyond it.

If you are not sure, you are always welcome to call us! Also in the evenings and on weekends. 0049 176 / 5349 0176

There's a door in my way!

Some rear garages have side doors for the gas box or for technical equipment. Unfortunately, this is very impractical. Because whether with or without Mobilade, if you want to open the door, you always have to empty the garage.

But we have a tip for that. Some customers have converted the doors to folding doors. To do this, the door is cut in the middle and a hinge is used. So the turning radius is only half as large and the Mobilade usually fits next to it.

Other customers have also converted the door into a removable door. There are holders for this available in hardware stores. So you can take the door in and out like a bulkhead.

I have a ventilation outlet coming out of the wall.

No problem! The Mobilade is not airtight against the wall. The frame has a lot of free space, so the air always finds its way. 1cm is enough for the air to spread in all directions.